Ordering My Tesla Model 3

April Bolduc, S Curve Strategies

I just got the email that it's time to order my Tesla Model 3.  If you're an EV NERD like me, you went into the store the first day the car could be ordered, made the $1,000 deposit and proceeded to wait with bated breath to get the email to place your order.  Some might be curious as to the treasures this email holds, so I thought I'd post the process.  

To keep my costs down I don't plan to get every bell and whistle to try to keep closer to the starting price of $35,000 before incentives.  Tesla is currently only filling orders for the largest battery size (310 miles), and I plan to save the $9,000 and get the standard size (210 miles).  Therefore I have to wait until the end of 2018 to place my order. 

BUT!  If I did want to order my Model 3 today and pull out all the stops, here's what it would look like -- along with a grand total of $60,000 before incentives.

This is a series of screen shots from the ordering process. 

April Bolduc