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  • Transportation Electrification Industry Expertise & Best Practices

  • Electric Vehicle Program Development for Passenger, Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

  • Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Vehicle Planning

  • Aviation Electrification Planning

Strategic Planning

  • Research & Goal Setting

  • Audience Identification

  • Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Customer Experience Development

  • Roadmap Development & Messaging


  • Executive Media Training

  • Internal Communications

  • Social Media

  • Media Relations

  • Crisis Communications


  • Measurement & Impact Evaluation

  • Leverage Campaign Evaluation Results


We collaborate with our colleagues in the EV industry to enhance the success of your EV programs.   

  • Utilities – With 11 years experience with the EV department of the most innovative utility in this space, we provide you industry best practices and creative solutions to shorten the time it will take to get your transportation electrification program implemented.  

  • Renewable Energy & Battery Storage – Renewable energy and battery storage as key pieces of your EV charging program will ensure you are using the cleanest electricity to fuel electric cars in your region.  We partner with the country’s leaders on this topic for holistic transportation electrification integration.

  • Fleet Electrification – We create a roundtable with leaders of the fleet industry in your region, as well as national leaders in fleet electrification, along with manufacturers developing electric fleet vehicles, to share best practices and streamline implementation.

  • EV Electricity Rates – One of the most complicated topics for EV drivers to understand, we know what messaging works.  Time-of-use rates, day-ahead hourly pricing, grid-integrated rates and demand charges – these can easily be explained.

  • EV Charging – We work with the most progressive companies in this arena on some of the most complicated charging installation programs.

  • Dealership Training – EV drivers continue to tell us their buying experience could be improved.  Implementing an EV training program for local salespeople helps ensure that once you’ve educated your customers and stakeholders about EVs, they have a positive experience with the first touchpoint in their EV journey.