By April Bolduc, S Curve Strategies

Actress Kaley Cuoco in The Great Travel Hack.

Actress Kaley Cuoco in The Great Travel Hack.

Shell has been in the electric vehicle charging space for many years. Many don’t know that. So imagine how excited we were when they reached out to film a docu-series on low-emission vehicles in a fun and exciting way.

Shell’s task was simple. Take two teams of influential Youtubers, and ask them to travel from Los Angeles to New York. The team reaching the finish line having spent the lowest amount of emissions wins. And here you have The Great Travel Hack.

It seemed simple enough until we thew an array of electric and fuel cell cars at them…maybe an electric boat and a horse or two. What? Horses are low emission.

Five episodes were hosted by actress Kaley Cuoco and feature two teams: Damon and Jo, and Sarah Dietschy and John Hill.

Episode One Travel Hackers are GO!

Episode Two The Road to the Rockies

Episode Three Elegance or Efficiency

Episode Four Party Bus, Limo or Storage Vehicle

Episode Five Putting Lower CO2 Travel on the Map